Jumping to Help Active Independence

Thank you to Abby Martin and Izzy Bowler who have kindly offered to do a sky jump in September to raise money for Active Independence.
We really appreciate their kind (and brave) offer and would welcome any donations.


Please share with anyone you know who may help. All money donated will help us to continue to offer:

* Our advocacy service supporting Disabled People and people with long term conditions and Carers with issues such as supporting them to complete PIP form or represent them at tribunals; sort out medical priorities to move into accessible properties; support them accessing OT or Care or Carers Assessments across South Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

* Art of Wellbeing Programme – we run 3 groups offering craft and exercise sessions and day trips in Rotherham and Doncaster – open to Disabled People, Carers and PAs.

* PA Support Service – we offer emotional and employment support to PAs in South Yorkshire.

* PA Register – this online service is offered to help employers to find PAs to help them maintain their independence in home. We also offer online training.

See our full package of services at

Thank you for your support