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We are a Disabled person's user led organisation.

We're a small charity based in South Yorkshire. We offer advice, training and advocacy to anyone encountering the many barriers facing Disabled people, and those who support them.

We're effective.

We are so very pleased and thank Active Independence for all you have done for us. Thanks to your hard work, we now get Attendance Allowance High Rate for myself, Attendance Low Rate for my wife, pension credit and Council Tax Reduction. You have changed our lives after sitting in own coats all last winter.

Client Testimonial September 2023

“John was so calm and understanding with my daughter who has ADHD, he explained everything and won her trust, which was incredible. We won our tribunal and its thanks to John”

Client Testimonial August 2023

If it wasn’t for my advocate I wouldn’t be here today.  [They supported me throughout from completing PIP form, MR and at my Tribunal, where the initial decision was overturned]. My advocate was amazing and their knowledge of the tribunal process made it accessible for me.

Client Testimonial July 2023

Following my PIP review I have awarded Enhanced Rate Mobility and Daily Care. That’s one worry of my mind. Thank you so much for your help it was really appreciated.

Client Testimonial July 23

My Blue Badge has arrived – I have used it few times already with my daughter. It is very helpful, I can go out again and makes life so much easier. Thank you for all your help.

Client Testimonial July 2023

I didn’t start the project at the same time as most of the others and I wondered if I would find it too much. I needn’t have worried as the group were very welcoming and understanding and it was wonderful that materials were provided.

Wellbeing Session: Attendee March 2023

I am indebted to Active Independence, I can not thank you enough for what we had done for me; all the stress and anxiety of recent months has now been taken away. Thank you.

  • client comment following support to get his PIP enhanced mobility and daily care reinstated before tribunal date and had his Motoability car eligibility reinstated.
Client Testimonial April 2023

I am delighted to say I have found an ideal PA – the second to reply to my ad

Employer Testimonial March 2023

I am overwhelmed, I can not thank you enough, I would not have been able to get through this without my advocate. This PIP award is life changing. I can now pay for my funeral plan and get a car with Motability. Thank you.

Client Testimonial March 2023

Thank you so much for your support yesterday it was invaluable

PA Testimonial January 2023

Thank you for all your help completing my husband’s reassessment PIP form. He was previously on standard and now he has been awarded Enhanced Rate Daily Living and Mobility, without the need for a medical for 10 years. We are both over the moon, and can not thank you enough for all your support.

Client Testimonial

Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family in the past twelve months with regard to disability benefits, asbestosis claims etc.. It has been very much appreciated. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you, thank you..

Client Testimonial January 2023

Thank you SO MUCH Barbara for your support and clarity just now. Although still more steps to take I feel I am not so alone anymore in this carer/journey that was beginning to break my sense of well-being and sanity… May you help many others!

Client Testimonial December 2022

I hope you guys realise how valuable you are to people like me – always been there when I needed you even if it’s just to have a moan, – you throw away the rule book to help us – thank you so much

Client Testimonial August 2022

Blue Badge came in useful when went away for weekend and thank you so much for your support. I would never have applied for Attendance Allowance without your help. It was a real pleasure meeting you.

Client Testimonial July 2022

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and for the job you do

Client Testimonial May 2022

We really enjoy the sessions.  We have learned new skills quilting and myself learning knitting techniques.  We really enjoyed the get together with such lovely groups of ladies of all different ages so friendly and chatty besides our cups of teas and coffee plus occasional cakes.  Looking forward to next meet up.

Wellbeing Session: Attendee May 2022

I feel a lot happier. I enjoy the company. It gives me something to look forward to and I can get out the house and have a laugh.

Wellbeing Session: Attendee May 2022

Thanks I feel linking people together in the way you have done is a great idea. This work can be isolating sometimes 🙂

PA Testimonial May 2022

I am over the moon, thank you for your help.  My DLA and pension credit payments have been increased –  I am £155 better off a week…. thats £8,000 a year!

Client Testimonial April 2022

Nice to speak to someone who is a human and will listen, instead of a bureaucratic who isn’t really interested

Client Testimonial April 2022

Wow …. that was a amazing fun time.

Wellbeing Session: Attendee March 2021

Thank you so much for your help. Knowing we have support as PA’s is wonderful I really cannot thank you enough

PA Testimonial March 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it rekindled my love of knitting. I’ll be sure to make sure as many people as possible are aware of the group.  I think it’s a lovely way to have fun, make friend, learn something new but also give something back – Rotherham Community Officer attending March’s Art of Wellbeing: Quilting and Knitting

Community Worker Testimonial March 2022

I have been awarded enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility with a review in October 2031. I was really surprised. Thank you again, it will certainly make a difference to helping me with my independence.

Client Testimonial Nov 2021

Thank you for all your help with PIP (mandatory reconsideration) – I have know been awarded Enhanced Daily Living and Standard Mobility.  i]It has made a huge difference especially the £5,000 backdated payment. I have already brought myself a new fridge freezer!

Client Testimonial November 2021

Thanks for sending John to help me with the form filling in. John is a very helpful and understanding person and should be praised for the work he is doing. Cheers

Client Testimonial November 2011

I am overwhelmed … Thanks to the support you have given me with my Attendance Allowance Claim and Pension Credit I am now £13,000 a year better off. I can’t thank me enough.

Client Testimonial October 2021

Thank you for adding me to your mailing list  – it looks like you have a lot of great information.

OT Testimonial September 2021

I am so happy I have been awarded PIP Standard Rate Daily Living and PIP Enhanced Rate Mobility- this is now on ongoing award. Plus you have helped me get my Blue Badge.  Thank you for all the help – I would not have got it without your support.

Client Testimonial September 2021
I’ve been awarded standard rate for personal care and for mobility until 2027. I’m so relieved and feel so much better knowing it has been sorted. I am very grateful to you for all your help.
Client Testimonial

Updates very much appreciated – without this I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on x awaiting news of second vaccine too x

PA Testimonial March 2021

Thank you – You helped me when I was looking for help with my mum . I still read your updates on Facebook

Client Testimonial March 2021

You are so valued by all in all your knowledge of services in and around Doncaster, advice and telephone numbers that are so needed to support service users and PA’s are essential, you are a listening ear for emotional support to us all, thank God your around xx

PA Testimonial March 2021

Yes your service is definitely needed. Its very hard to find PAs at an affordable rate. My life has been loads better since you helped find mine

Client Testimonial March 2021

Many thanks for your help-it has been invaluable. You were able to assist with a quote for Access to work, ensure I received my Covid vaccination and also provide a contact for PPE. I also carry a letter (based on your template) and id badge explaining that I am a key worker, have read your guidance on the use and safe disposal or PPE.

PA Testimonial March 2021

My advocate was brilliant yesterday, helping me to complete my PIP application form.

Client Testimonial Feb 2021

Just wanted to thank you for your help in getting our PA an ID badge. It has arrived during the Christmas holidays. Your help has been very much appreciated.

Client Testimonial Jan 2021

Originally my daughter was only received a score of 2 points on her PIP application and thus we not awarded any support. We made the appeal with the help from Active Independence. Following the Appeal Hearing, we were re-scored of 27 and award Enhanced Rate Mobility and Daily Living and it is not time limited.

We are delighted with this outcome and with the support and guidance given to us by our advocate.

The biggest areas of help for us was when she explained the hearing process to my daughter, and guiding me on the structure of the submission – I have been involved in formal Court and Tribunal submissions and Appeals elsewhere and they tend to be substantial documents and very ‘robust’ in their criticism of Assessors / other parties.

Our Advocate came to see us a couple of times at home and we had numerous phone conversations and she suggested a suitable format and tone of approach to take. Without her help both we would have found the Hearing much more stressful as we would not have known if the submission was suitable and what to expect. So one again we are delighted with the help Active Independence gave us.

Client Testimonial June 2020

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Our Aspirations

  • To provide information, advice, advocacy, training and support to enable Disabled people to have choice and control, and to live independent lives.
  • To raise aspirations and confidence among Disabled people, families and carers to facilitate choice, control and independent living.
  • To campaign for the right for Disabled people to have choice and control, in order to live independently and with dignity.

Our Objectives

  • To help and support and learn from each other.
  • To be a 100% Disabled persons-led organisation.
  • To offer advice to those who receive funds to employ Personal Assistants to meet their support and/or care needs.
  • To work with service providers from all sectors to ensure the experiences of Disabled people inform the development of relevant policies, procedures and services.
  • To promote the benefits of personal budgets and self directed support in giving Disabled people greater control over their lives.

Registered charity number 1148975. Limited company number 7942039. Registered address: 67 High Street, Bentley, Doncaster DN5 0AA
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