PA Support

There are common barriers faced by personal assistants.

  • Work focuses on the specific needs of an individual employer
  • No two roles are exactly the same
  • There is no one place of work
  • There is no one set of policies or procedures
  • No one particular set of circumstances all PAs will share
  • There is a lack of access to professional support
  • Lack of interaction with others in similar situations
  • Individual employment is a relatively new concept with many unknowns

Our aim to support PAs overcome the common barriers they face. We do this by offering support in a number of key areas.

PA Support Service

Our PA Support Service is entirely confidential and impartial. To ensure impartiality, the service is run by a professional PA. To ensure confidentiality, the service is a separate administrative entity to the rest of Active Independence's work.

PA Support Service contact:

Angela Burman on 07479 293416

This service is delivered in partnership with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

Confidential Advice & Information
Employment Rights
Conflict Resolution

Knowledge Base

The PA Knowledge Base is a collection of articles useful for anyone working as a PA. There's a search function if you're looking for something in particular.

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