Template Letter for PA Key Worker


To whom it may concern

Confirmation of employment

This letter is to verify that NAME is employed by myself as a Personal Care Assistant.

A Personal Care Assistant is employed to support my health and social care needs. They support me within the home and within the community. Some of the duties carried out by a Personal Care Assistant are as follows:

  • Support with personal care and dressing.
  • Support with medication.
  • Support with meal preparation.
  • Assistance with shopping and cleaning.
  • Providing welfare checks.

There is a necessary requirement for a Personal Care Assistant to access local shops and pharmacies on behalf of myself as part of their support role. They are also required to travel round the borough to be able to carry out their role.

The government have confirmed that Personal Care Assistants are key workers in the Health and Social Care sector.

If you require further verification of the employment of NAME please contact myself on the following number/email

Yours sincerely

Individual Employer Name

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