FAQs - Employer

What is the PA Register for?

The Active Independence PA Register is a resource to be used by both PAs and employers. Think of it as a searchable database designed to enable both parties to introduce themselves to one another.

It works on two fronts. It allows employers to advertise PA jobs, and it allows PAs in the region to advertise their availability.

How does it work?

The PA Register is a database. It allows PAs to complete a profile, and these profiles can be searched by employers. It also allows employers to advertise specific jobs, which are searchable by PAs.

If a PA thinks they might be suitable for one of these advertised jobs, they are able to apply directly to the employer.

Is there a charge for browsing the PA Register?

No, this service is free.

How do I post an advert?

Register as an employer, you can then post a job.

The online form is kept as simple as possible and there is a box where you can put a few details about the job description. To ensure your privacy we strongly advise employers to keep this description factual, and avoid putting any information about personal circumstances. You can discuss specific issues or needs with potential job applicants at the interview.

Once you have entered the job descriptions, you will then be asked to select which recruit package you would like to purchase. Please click on this link further information on the recruitment packages available.

What happens when a PA applies to my job advert?

When a PA uses the Apply Now function on a job advert, you will get an automated email notifying you that a PA has applied to your vacancy and includes any message the PA may have written.

You then need to go into your employer dashboard where you will find a next to the PAs name.

If you click on this please alter the notification to either read; accepted; rejected. The  PA will then be notified that their application has been noted. At this point you will have access to the PAs telephone number and email address. You can choose how to contact them from this point on.

You remain in control throughout the process.

Help! I’ve got PAs applying for the job I posted, but I have no experience of recruiting staff! Can I get support?

The simple answer is yes. Apart from just posting your advert, we offer ongoing support during the advertising stage with our Standard Recruitment Package. If you have any questions, just make an enquiry by contacting us.

Or you may feel you need support during advertising and interview stage,then our Enhanced Recruitment Package is the one for you.  Once you select the Enhanced Recruitment option, one of our staff members will contact you and answer questions and provide the additional support you may require.

See our Recruitment Fees Structure for more information and make an enquiries using the contact form.

I have forgotten my password!

Don't worry, if you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one.

Click on Remind Password link at the bottom of the Employer Panel Register form. You will then be promoted to enter the email address you registered your account with. Click on get a new password and one will be sent to your account.

Please note: if you have tried to log into your account unsuccessfully for a number of times, you will be timed out. You will need to wait 20 minutes before you can re-enter your correct password.

How is my privacy protected?

Your contact details are never made publicly available. We will not share your details with anyone else, ever.

How else will my details be used?

We do not use for details for any other purposes.

If you wish to receive Employment Updates via our newsletter, you can register on our  Join Our Network page and select which newsletters you are interested in. We will email you periodically via our MailChimp electronic mailing list.

You can unsubscribe at any time - simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of Join Our Network page.

Can I use a fake name?

We have no policy requiring members to use real names. You can use a fake name on your profile if you wish.

If you do this, please be aware that job applicants will at some point need to know who you are if you wish to pursue a particular job.

Can I delete my details?

You can delete your account at any time. You can delete your account in your Dashboard or simply Contact Us - providing the name and email address you use on the site, and we will wipe your records from the system.

We will not be able to recover deleted accounts.