New 10 year vision to improve adult social care

A 10-year vision for adult social care has been published by the Dept of Health and Social Care .

Active Independence was 1 of only 7 disabled persons-led organisations invited to comment on the proposals during a round table discussion event.
The key messages of the Gov’s vision are:

  • Social care reform will help provide greater choice for those receiving care, opportunity for those providing it and certainty over costs
  • Over £1 billion will be spent helping people live safely, independently and where they want to
  • Investment to improve housing and take advantage of technology to help those receiving care and caregivers.

The points we made that we were concerned that whilst the vision contained many of our values and approaches would their be sufficient funding and commitment to make these actually translate into reality?

Also, many disability groups are angry that the changes to the charging policy do little for disabled people of working age. They particularly favour more wealthy older people in areas of higher property values