Latest on ‘Care in Crisis’ campaign

In Age UK’s latest excellent briefings they call on the government to urgently look at implementing the recommendations from the Dilnot commission. This looked in detail at how we are going to fund the growing numbers of older and Disabled people who need care and support to lead a dignified, independent life.

A key recommendation of the commission is to cap an individuals contribution to their support. This should make the system fairer and help to prevent many, particulalry younger Disabled people, falling into poverty, reliant on welfare benefits. The Government, however, has decided to delay implementing the recommendations until after the next spending review which could be another 12 months or more.

Campaigns_CinC_Caring_for_our_future_briefing Nov 2012 has the latest on the campaign

Campaigns_CinC_Case_for_the_cap_briefing gives an understandable, clear discussion on Dilnot’s recommendations