Free Tech Support For Adults

The FreeTech Project is for anyone wanting information, advice, and support on technology and the internet can access any one of three different learning programmes from the FreeTech Project – from the comfort of their own home!

“Tech for the Terrified” (as the name suggests) is a good place to start for beginners, with friendly facilitators offering introductions to Zoom video meetings themselves, demonstrating how to maintain and update your device, and breaking down jargon.

“Taking on Tech” is a weekly I.T. support group – where everyone gets general tech and internet queries answered in a fun way, and a different weekly topic to tackle, too.

Finally, “Free Your Tech” looks at more ethical uses of technology – from increasing the lifespan of your device and saving waste, to avoiding data-mining. The workshops even look at alternatives to Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook!

Those interested can join by emailing or  see their webpage