“Care agencies don’t ‘care’ about people with Dementia”

At a recent training event run by Skills for Care on Dementia Awareness it was noted that NO domiciallry care agencies from Doncaster attended – and i know why, its because they dont give a damn. I have just done a day & half with our stand at events organised by NHS dementia awareness team & spoken with over 30 people who receive domicillary care for their partners through brokered deals organised by council.

Everyone said, ” they have no continunity of carer, one person has 4 different carers a day,(really helpful for someone with dementia) some had asked the care managers on how much training carer staff have on Dementia training before sent to a client. The answer they got was half a day. Some Carers are being sent to clients with Dementia with carer having had no training whatsoever. Can this be right?

I came away from the events feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach that people who are in a confused state are being treated like this. When the brokerage team put out for bid a clients care, do they state that the person has Dementia? & do they stipulate that the agency only send in trained carers aware of Dementia? If not why not??