Being A PA

This course is for people who want to be, or are already working as, a personal assistant.

It explains more about the role, why it’s a great job, and how you can find work.

It also has useful information about what to expect when you first start and what learning and development you could do.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 So you want to be a PA?
Unit 1 So you want to be a PA - Introduction
Unit 2 What is a Personal Assistant?
Unit 3 Personal Skills and Values
Unit 4 PA Skills and Values
Unit 5 Why become a PA?
Unit 6 What do PAs do?
Unit 7 Person Centred Care
Unit 8 Looking for work as a PA
Unit 9 Getting the Job
Module 3 A Good Start
Unit 1 Module 2: A Good Start - Introduction
Unit 2 Employment Status
Unit 3 Your Employment Contract
Unit 4 Induction
Unit 5 Confidentiality
Module 4 Health and Safety
Unit 1 Health and Safety - Introduction
Unit 2 Health and Safety
Unit 3 Risk Assessment
Unit 4 Moving and Assisting
Unit 5 Infection Prevention and Control
Unit 6 Safeguarding
Unit 7 Medication
Unit 8 Food Hygiene
Module 5 Difficult Situations
Unit 1 Difficult Situations - Introduction
Unit 2 Communication
Unit 3 Effective Communication
Unit 4 Challenges
Unit 5 Challenging Scenarios
Unit 6 Working Together
Unit 7 What can help?
Module 6 Development and Wellbeing
Unit 1 Development and Wellbeing Induction
Unit 2 What is Your Learning Style?
Unit 3 Training
Unit 4 Funding for Training
Unit 5 Wellbeing
Unit 6 Course Completion