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Help Disabled People

To find you Personal Assistant; support you to employ your own PAs and gain access to welfare benefits, information and support that helps you to take control of your life.

Help Personal Assistances

To search for local jobs, get professional PA support and access to online training when starting out as PA.

Help Everyone

To understand Disability Equality and the Social Model of Disability and better support Disabled People and their PAs.

I have finally got a letter outlining why they made the changes to my ESA. I wish we had been put in touch sooner. Thanks again. What may be easy for you has made a massive difference to my life. Heartfelt thanks.

Client Testimonial July 2020

I am really glad that my friend brought us together. You have been a massive help. I was struggling to get my blue badge as I can not get online, and this was such a help. Since then you have also helped me with Carers Allowance, PIP Appeal and Universal Credit. I have so much on my plate and it nice knowing I have someone in the background who can help, this makes a huge difference. My advocate is a good person to have in your corner. I am really pleased with the service and she is very professional.

Client Testimonial March 2020

Thank you so much for all the support you have given us. It has made it so easier knowing you are there to answer any questions I had on the recruitment process and the PA Register really made the application process a lot smoother and more professional.

Client Testimonial July 2020

Originally my daughter was only received a score of 2 points on her PIP application and thus we not awarded any support. We made the appeal with the help from Active Independence. Following the Appeal Hearing, we were re-scored of 27 and award Enhanced Rate Mobility and Daily Living and it is not time limited.

We are delighted with this outcome and with the support and guidance given to us by our advocate.

The biggest areas of help for us was when she explained the hearing process to my daughter, and guiding me on the structure of the submission – I have been involved in formal Court and Tribunal submissions and Appeals elsewhere and they tend to be substantial documents and very ‘robust’ in their criticism of Assessors / other parties.

Our Advocate came to see us a couple of times at home and we had numerous phone conversations and she suggested a suitable format and tone of approach to take. Without her help both we would have found the Hearing much more stressful as we would not have known if the submission was suitable and what to expect. So one again we are delighted with the help Active Independence gave us.

Client Testimonial June 2020

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I am just lost for words, the way you dealt with me and sorted out my problems. You are so kind and helpful.

Client Testimonial Jan 2016

The PAs you found for me are terrific. Words can’t describe what a difference to my life they have made in 3 days! Thank you so much.

Client Testimonial March 2016

I felt isolated until my GP referred me to Active Independence. At last I felt someone really cared! It produced life changing results very quickly, and lifted a big weight off my shoulders.

Client Testimonial June 2016

My advocate was very supportive and understanding from our first meeting. He helped me take charge of the Personal Independence Payment claim which had been causing me a lot of anxiety.

Client Testimonial August 2016