Updated Covid-19 Guidance: People receiving Direct Payments

Updated guidance – including an easy read version – is released for people with direct payments.

TLAP is really pleased to have worked co-productively with people who receive a direct payment, organisations that support them and government on these improvements. We hope direct payment recipients will find the information clearer and help them get the additional help they need as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Sally Percival and Isaac Samuels from the National Co-production Advisory Group commented: “At this time of great challenge it’s really hard to know what to do for the best. These resources will support people to have the right information to keep us, our care workers and families safe at this time. There’s a lot of information but they are really easy to understand and will support us to manage our direct payments.”

The guidance includes details of the most important things to know, easy read information and will be added to regularly.

Press Release from think local act personal