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Though the training content is now live and available to the public, we are still working on it. We have tested the software and worked through the content, but unfortunately we do not have the resources necessary to ensure we have found every bug. If you notice any issues as you work through, please get in touch via the contact page and make us aware of the issue. We will address it as soon as we can.

Future Developments
The courses in this section cover many issues around local and national government, and also cover issues around the law. These issues constantly evolve and are subject to frequent change. We have no control of this. In order to keep up to date and remain relevant, our course content must reflect these changes. As a result our course content may be altered, omitted, adjusted or amended at any point. This will not effect those who have already completed a course.

Starting over
Once you have submitted an answer the system logs the progress and you can’t go back. If you wish to revisit the course at any point in the future, you will have to create another account on the website. Unfortunately we cannot reset your course progress.

Compatibility and Software Issues
Our multimedia training resources consist of text, videos and audio files. It is recommended that you ensure your browser software is up to date and your internet connection is sound before starting the courses.

We have noticed that in rare instances some users have found the videos do not display. This is most likely to be an issue for those using Internet Explorer to browse the internet. If you are having problems while using Internet Explorer, we recommend upgrading your web browser (free) to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, as these browsers handle video media very effectively.

Click to download Mozilla Firefox.

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Text last updated 24.06.13