Is this for me?
These courses will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about getting care and support in their own home and having or becoming a Personal Assistant (PA). This would include carers, family members, social care and health care professionals, support planners, volunteers or anyone looking for a career in the care sector.

Which course should I do?
The Personalisation and the Assessment Process course is particularly useful for anyone wanting to understand more about how disabled and older people are becoming  more in control of the care and support they need and how the assessment process works.

The Being a PA course is of most interest to people thinking about becoming a PA as well as new and experienced PAs.

We would, however, recommend people do both courses as they will give very helpful insight and understanding into many of the issues and processes involved.

How does it work?
Simply click on the title of the course you want to begin and then work your way through it page by page. Once you have finished each page, click on the “mark as complete” button to log your progress.

Your progress is logged as you work through, so you don’t need to complete the whole course in one go. If you need a break, feel free to close the window and log back in later to pick up where you left off. All the videos and audio are relatively short so please take the time to watch and listen to them as they are all full of real-life experiences.

You will receive progress update emails as you complete modules, and upon completion of a course you will be emailed a certificate to add to your records.

If you have any questions or comments to make at any point during the course just post your comment on the Active Independence Chat Forum and it will be answered by a member of our training team. It is also a great way to generate discussion on particular topics.

Personalisation and the Assessment Process

The Role of a Personal Assistant