Service user testimonial

“Dear Brian and team

I and the family wished to put on record our gratitude to you for all the work you did on our behalf during the later stages of Judi’s illness.  The quality of Judi’s life was severely diminished by the first set of seizures which she suffered in February.  However, there is no doubt in our minds that the quality of life which remained was enriched immeasurably by the work of her personal assistants.  

Many of the hospital staff and health professionals thought we would not be able to look after Judi at home, but you were determined to make it work for us.  You have a “can do” attitude. You are never fazed by the difficulties which arise.  You are always available to give advice and support.

The personal assistants you helped us to recruit were wonderful.  Their care and their professionalism was second to none.  They ensured Judi’s comfort and safety and dignity. They brought much happiness into her life (and so into mine) at a time when there could have been so much darkness.  They quickly became part of the family.

After those first seizures on February 13th until she died, Judi spent 8 weeks in hospital, 3 weeks in a care home and thankfully, nearly 14 weeks at home.  It could have been so very different; the majority of that time could well have been spent in a care home.

I and the family will be forever grateful to you for that precious, precious time you gave us at home with Judi.  Despite the trials of her illness, she was happiest at home and I will never be able to thank you enough.

Phil Rawlins”