Rebecca Davis

Personal assistant
  • 04/02/2021

In my current job role I am a personal assistant for a young women with with multiple complex health needs and autism. I have been employed in the care industry for the past 6 years, with a variety of clients, from baby's, toddlers, special needs children and young people with disabilities, adults with learning disabilities and elderly. I feel that I go above and beyond. I always try and put myself In The position of the person I am a caring for and treat them how I would like to be treated or how I would my family members to be treated as I am compassionate about the job I do. I am very enthusiastic, confident, and highly motivated and I think this goes along way when caring for clients. I speak in a calm, polite manner even when the situation may be challenging.

As a personal assistant I am very flexible with my working hours and days, I am always on hand whenever they may require my support, even at last minute When something may arise I will always be there to support the client and family. Which this can be took with me to a new job role. With my current position I am in I report any relevant information to the client and family then they make the decisions. I express any concerns, or ideas i may have with regards to care of the client.

I have worked as a support worker with children and young people with autism, pda, adhd, global development delay, cerebral palsy and spina bifida. I have got experience of equipment such as, slings, hoist, banana board, slide sheets which may need to be used.
I have done peg feeds via a mic-key button in my previous role. I am currently administering medication intravenously via a Hickman line.

Phone Number
Experience level
I am an experienced personal care assistant, I have worked in a social care setting, I have experience caring for family member or friend
Driver (manual)
Completed Training
Medication, Moving and handling, First aid, Food hygiene, Diabetes awareness, Dementia awareness
Active Independence Courses
The Role of a Personal Assistant
Further training
Willing to do further training
Willing to work night shifts, Willing to work weekends
Daytime Availability
All Day

Other relevant training and qualifications

Children and young people’s workforce. Level 2
Understanding autism level 2

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