Personal Budgets event, Rotherham

We had a very useful and interesting event in Rotherham on Tuesday 12th of June.

The event was called “”All about Personal Budgets –  by those who use them” and was attended by both service users and representatives from RMBC, NHS Rotherham and carers.

During the morning session we did a fun exercise around the language of personalisation. This prompted an interesting discussion focused around the differences in how Personal Budgets operate in Rotherham compared with Doncaster.  For example, service users in Rotherham have been able to access an indirect payment and combined health and social care budgets for some time. However, there is no strong disabled persons user led group to ensure service users voices are heard at all levels .

After a lovely lunch (thanks to the chefs at my My Place!) there was a presentation from Angela Thompson , Skills for Care area officer. Angela talked through the apprenticeship scheme for health and social care and explained that Skills for Care are about to produce a new toolkit which they would like feedback on during July.

At the end of the session people said they found it had been ” very informative , in a friendly relaxed atmosphere ”

We will hopefully get a chance to look at the new apprenticeships toolkit at our next event in Thorne on Tuesday 10th of July, 1.30 PM to 4PM 

2 thoughts on “Personal Budgets event, Rotherham

  1. Hello,

    Would it be possible to get some feedback/minutes of this event, please, for those who are unable to attend?

    Many thanks.

  2. Hi Mohammed, we did not take formal minutes as it was an informal event with discussions and activities.
    The write-up above details what took place. We did give people evaluation sheets and some of the comments are noted in the write-up
    the event to be held on 10th July in Thorne will now be on 12 September but we are holding a special workshop on apprenticeships on 10th July but at the friends meeting house in Doncaster. All welcome 1.30 p.m. to 3 PM
    there will probably be another small event/meeting in Rotherham in the autumn, will post details nearer the time

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