How to Register PAs for the Covid-19 Vaccination

Updated 20th January

News about the vaccine has been changing daily but we have been trying hard to keep those who employ PAs up-to-date.

The government announced on Thursday 7th January that they were beginning the next phase of the rollout to frontline health and social care staff, and that this includes PAs.

NHS England is keen for people to not phone their GP as they are becoming overwhelmed with calls and it is interfering with people calling for medical concerns

The process will be:

For Doncaster email them directly:

For Rotherham – All Rotherham PA should come through Active Independence to get correct paperwork.  Please contact us directly by either texting your name and contact number to  07917 607730 or messenger us through our Facebook page @activeindependencepasupport or email us at

PAs will be given an appointment. They will need to take with them a “letter of eligibility” and a completed “consent form” and some form of photo ID. *Rotherham PAs contact us for the relevant paperwork*.

It does not matter if the PA lives in a different area to where they work. 

Please contact us at if you need any help at any stage of this process. 

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