Dr Simon Duffy apologises for the RAS

In an honest and open interview Dr Simon Duffy talks to Martin Haythorne (chair of Personalisation Forum Group, PFG) about how he ‘he got it wrong’ designing the RAS

The full interview can be found at http://www.mentallywell.co.uk/?p=581

He describes how his original intentions to produce a simple mathematical way of estimating the amount of resources someone needs to be supported to lead an independent life became an over complicated and complex system. Councils, he says, don’t trust  front line workers to make informed decisions based on their skills and experience. The result has been to create a dis-empowered, defensive workforce and an unreasonable reliance on a computerised calculation.

We can’t agree more! “Doing the right thing” (Munroe) has got lost in a sea of fear…fear of risk and fear of letting go of control!!