Gov have now agreed the process:
1. PA or employer orders 4 PCR test kits every 28 days
2. PA or employer takes delivery of test kits
3. PA undertakes their own swabs using test kit on the same day each week
4. PA registers test kit online
5. PA returns test kit on the same day of testing via their nearest priority post box one hour before collection time
6. PA receives results via email and text message
Repeats process every week
PAs or the individual employer are responsible for ordering test kits.
(call 119 any problems)
You must decide the address their test kits are delivered to. You may want to use a different address if you’re unlikely to be home when the delivery arrives (within 48 hours).
Order 4 PCR test kits within the same order.
To do so, the ‘add another person’ section needs to be repeated 3 times so that 4 kits are ordered.
This is vital as you cannot place another order of test kits for 14 days following an order.
Once you have placed an order, you will receive 4 confirmatory emails from the following email address: