Personalisation and the Assessment Process

This course uses the personal experiences of people who have gone through the assessment process.

The Role of a Personal Assistant

This course offers an introduction to the role of a Personal Assistant. It will be useful to anyone looking to get into PA work.

Disability Equality

This online course aims to help you:
Understand what it means to feel safe.
Recognise the difference between disability equality and disability awareness.
Be aware of the myths surrounding disability.
Be familiar with the history of the disability movement.
Have an overview of the social model of care.

How to Recuit a PA

This online course aims to help you:
Explain the role of a Personal Assistant
Understand your legal responsibilities as an employer
Understand the importance of employment status
Understand the process of recruiting a PA
Gain a clearer understanding of how to act lawfully

Being a Good Employer

This course explains what you need to do once your PA starts work and how you manage them. It will also examine how you can sort out some of the problems that you might come across.