The Role of a Personal Assistant

This course offers an introduction to the role of a Personal Assistant. It will be useful to anyone looking to get into PA work.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 What will this course cover?
Module 2 Care Models
Unit 1 The Traditional Versus the Social
Unit 2 Real Life Scenarios
Unit 3 Scenario: 6:30am
Unit 4 Scenario: Pub Lunch
Unit 5 Scenario: Earlier Start
Unit 6 Scenario: Late Arrival
Unit 7 Scenario: Rota Swap
Unit 8 Traditional Versus Social: Summary
Module 3 What is a Personal Assistant?
Unit 1 Being a carer or PA
Unit 2 Skills and Qualifications
Unit 3 Is PA Work For Me?
Unit 4 General Requirements & Summary
Unit 5 Support and Training Opportunities
Module 4 Boundaries and Relationships
Unit 1 Boundaries and Relationships: Introduction
Unit 2 Scenario: Painting Nails
Unit 3 Scenario: Low Fat or Regular?
Unit 4 Feedback: Low Fat or Regular?
Unit 5 Scenario: Wet, Cold and Windy
Unit 6 Scenario: Personal Care
Unit 7 Feedback: Personal Care
Unit 8 Scenario: Sportswear
Unit 9 Feedback: Sportswear Shop
Unit 10 Scenario: Colour Clash
Unit 11 Scenario: Choosing Meals
Unit 12 Feedback: choosing meals
Unit 13 Scenario: Changed Mind
Unit 14 Summary
Module 5 Keeping and Feeling Safe
Unit 1 Keeping and Feeling Safe: Introduction
Unit 2 Health and Safety when Moving and Handling
Unit 3 The PA’s Perspective
Unit 4 Health and Safety Issues
Unit 5 Scenario: Getting up
Unit 6 Scenario: Fall
Unit 7 Scenario: Forget the Hoist
Unit 8 Scenario: Worn tyre
Unit 9 Scenario: No dropped curb
Unit 10 Medication Issues
Unit 11 Scenario: Tablets
Unit 12 Scenario: Extra Slice of Cake
Unit 13 Feedback: Extra Slice of Cake
Unit 14 Information on Medication
Unit 15 Safeguarding Issues
Unit 16 Scenario: Insulting behaviour
Unit 17 Safeguarding Responsibilities
Unit 18 Hygiene and Cleanliness
Unit 19 Summary
Module 6 Employment and the Law
Unit 1 What are my employment rights?
Unit 2 Contract of Employment
Unit 3 Employed or self employed?
Unit 4 Employed or Self Employed: Summary
Unit 5 Inductions
Unit 6 Scenario: Illness
Unit 7 Scenario: Fault Finding
Unit 8 Scenario: Alcohol
Unit 9 Feedback: Previous Scenarios
Unit 10 Employment and the Law: Summary
Module 7 Equality Issues
Unit 1 Equality Issues
Unit 2 Equality Examples
Unit 3 Employment and the law scenarios
Unit 4 Scenario: Maternity
Unit 5 Scenario: Religious friction
Unit 6 Scenario: Dietary requirement
Unit 7 Scenario: Affair
Unit 8 Feedback: Affair
Unit 9 Equality: Summary
Module 8 Assessment & Completion
Unit 1 Summary and Assessment
Unit 2 Course Completion