How to Recuit a PA

This online course aims to help you:
Explain the role of a Personal Assistant
Understand your legal responsibilities as an employer
Understand the importance of employment status
Understand the process of recruiting a PA
Gain a clearer understanding of how to act lawfully

Module 1 The Basics
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 The Role of Personal Assistants
Unit 3 Getting the Right PA for You
Module 2 Employment Status
Unit 1 Employment Status: Introduction
Unit 2 Employment Status
Unit 3 Self-employed PA
Unit 4 Types of Contract
Unit 5 Employment Contracts
Module 3 Recruitment and selection
Unit 1 Recruitment and Selection: Introduction
Unit 2 Beginning Recruitment
Unit 3 Define the Job Role
Unit 4 Finding for the Right Person
Unit 5 Make The Right Choice
Module 4 Rights, equality and the law
Unit 1 Rights, Equality and the Law: Introduction
Unit 2 Rights at Work
Unit 3 Discrimination
Unit 4 Occupational Requirements
Unit 5 Health Requirements
Module 5 Before Your PA Starts
Unit 1 Before Your PA Starts: Introduction
Unit 2 Insurance
Unit 3 Paying Your PA
Unit 4 Health and Safety
Unit 5 Keeping Records
Unit 6 PA Employment Handbook
Module 6 Assessment and completion
Unit 1 Summary
Unit 2 Getting Help
Unit 3 Course Completion