Changes to Charging for Care in Doncaster Agreed

DMBC Cabinet vote yes to all the proposed increases to charging for care at home.

Despite our strong objections to several of the proposals, we are dismayed to report that our objections have been ignored.
Key changed affecting Disabled people of working age are:
-To include the enhanced rate of the daily living part of PIP in the financial assessment.
– To reduce the amount of income left to live in by £3.86 for under 65’s and by £20.06 for over 65’s
– To increase cost of falls alarm service for those who need the service to help them up.

We believe these changes will significantly damage individuals ability to lead an independent life with dignity, safety and choices.
Our advice in these early days is to
– make note of all the 1000’s of additional costs of being disabled (e.g. equipment maintenance & insurance; aids; extra heating/ washing/ clothes; technology; repairs; adaptions etc etc) and make sure they are used to legitimately offset the charges.
– Contact your local councillor and MP.
– Get advice / information to be well prepared for a financial assessment.…