RotherHive Debt

RotherHive has launched a new Debt Page to support the local people of Rotherham during these uncertain times.

You can find advice, tips and local services that can help you here

RotherHive’s online tool provides verified practical advice and accurate contact details for local, national and online mental health and wellbeing services, organisations and groups for adults living in Rotherham.

The section covers:

  • Common things that can push people towards debt
  • How people might feel being in debt
  • Steps to sort out debt
  • Information on money advisers
  • Information on priority and non-priority debts
  • Options for dealing with debt
  • Tips for dealing with financial stress
  • What to do when someone you know is experiencing debt
  • Local Advice and Support in Rotherham
  • National Support Organisations
  • Support Apps