About us

We are a disabled person's user led organisation.

We're a small charity based in Doncaster. We offer advice, support and assistance to anyone encountering one of the many barriers facing disabled people, and those who care for them.

We're effective.

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I am just lost for words, the way you dealt with me and sorted out my problems. You are so kind and helpful.

Client Testimonial Jan 2016

The PAs you found for me are terrific. Words can’t describe what a difference to my life they have made in 3 days! Thank you so much.

Client Testimonial March 2016

I felt isolated until my GP referred me to Active Independence. At last I felt someone really cared! It produced life changing results very quickly, and lifted a big weight off my shoulders.

Client Testimonial June 2016

My advocate was very supportive and understanding from our first meeting. He helped me take charge of the Personal Independence Payment claim which had been causing me a lot of anxiety.

Client Testimonial August 2016

We're active.

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Our aspirations.

  • To provide information, advice, advocacy, training and support to enable disabled people to have choice and control, and to live independent lives.
  • To raise aspirations and confidence among disabled people, families and carers to facilitate choice, control and independent living.
  • To campaign for the right for disabled people to have choice and control, in order to live independently and with dignity.

Our objectives.

  • To help and support and learn from each other.
  • To be a 100% disabled persons user-led organisation.
  • To offer advice to those who receive funds to employ personal assistants to meet their support and/or care needs.
  • To work with service providers from all sectors to ensure the experiences of disabled people inform the development of relevant policies, procedures and services.
  • To promote the benefits of personal budgets and self directed support in giving disabled people greater control over their lives.

Registered charity number 1148975. Limited company number 7942039. Registered address: Awaiting information.
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